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"Being in a band is not just about ability & talent...

It's about a group of like minded musicians getting together and playing as one!"


We always look like we are having a great time even if we have been on the road for five hours stuck in traffic for two hours and skipped lunch so that we are not late for the show!! That's Showbiz and it takes a lot of Stamina to pull off a great 2 -3 hour show after a day like that.




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Leah Pearson : Lead Vocals/Backing Vocals

Leah has recently joined the Zeb Rootz clan but also is a shining star in the Pink Floyd Tribute band 'Echoes of Floyd'. We love having her in the band for that 3rd harmony on backing vox and the great lead vocal parts :)

Zeb Rootz are always looking for other musicians that can step in at a moments notice to cover for members that have other commitments elsewhere. Bookings are always honoured and not one gig has been cancelled since the day the band started back in 2009. The core members of the band are experienced & dedicated professional musicians. If your an experienced player or even a talented youngster looking to get some good experience in a band and want to put your name down on our  list by sending an email to including a photo and brief biog about yourself.