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The Waterton Marquee

2Tone Central SC&ZR Susan at the bus Paul & Neville ZRlogorasta

Due to the outstanding success of Skamouth comes 2014 and this time it's going to be 2 great events in March & November! Zeb Rootz will be rocking the park in March with some kick ass reggae and ska vibes getting you all warmed up for what's to come next... Watch this space or get on the Skamouth website for updated information...

2Tone Zeb Pressure

Zeb Rootz & Pressure Tenants at The London Inn

Great to have Pressure Tenants as friends of Zeb Rootz, with the band being so busy and people living life it is sometimes very difficult to get a pro dep that plays and has the right feel for reggae. The pressure tenents members fill that slot perfectly as they are not over busy and have all the years experience of playing as Laurel Aitken's band and also touring with The Pioneers.

Zebz Steve met them all at a club in Nuneaton whilst playing guitar for Susan Cadogan alongside Top reggae band 'Friendly Fire band' which turned out to be a great night and also on the bill for the night were Skawaddy! If you have never seen this duo..make the effort as these two guys put in so much energy into a mixed set of Ska ,Mod, 2Tone and believe it or not they have a number 1 Indonesia!!!

Zeb Pressure

Zeb Rootz & Pressure Tenants

The London Inn Stamford 2013

Signing the wall alongside many other artists and members of the 2Tone industry..yes that is Suggs signature under the clock!!

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Standing in for Paul is Philip aka 'Flip One' who made his debut gig one to remember at The Iron Horse Ranch House by opening up the show with the late Junior Murvin's big hit of the 70's 'Police and Thieves. Straight away he hits it off with the audience and proves himself to be an integral part of Zeb Rootz serving up some tasty percussion and backing vocals, taking centre stage to perform the Bob Marley set...PULL UP!!!! yes finaly Zebz do a pull up and Flip calls it! superb work from the offset. The team work between the vocalists is un rivalled and a real pleasure to watch..catch Zebz at the next gig..

What a busy month! No less than 10 gigs in August...

Sadly Leah is not available for any gigs in August due to a rip roaring career in BMX end to this girls talent! So we have borrowed Joycelyn Harris from The Pressure Tenants and wow! what a stunning singer & performer! Get yourself over to a gig in August to see her owning the stage.. We have asked Joyce if she would like to become a more permanent fixture in the Zebz camp... wait for the news ;)

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Pictured above is Zebz frontman Paul Harris, Joycelyn Harris (not related) and our number one dep on drums Fitzroy Simon from The Pressure Tenants posing at the reggae bus with The Cool Ruler Gregory Isaacs.

18.08.2014 065

So who is this mysterious girl appearing in Zeb Rootz brandishing a guitar? Has Steve hung up his guitar? No No No of course he hasn't!

Pictured above and right is Helen Ray, fresh from getting her 2.1 at UNI in Huddersfield for music. Now having a little taster of life in a reggae band. Helen has already cut her teeth with a stint in Dubai and various other gigs whilst at uni and has just sat down with Steve for an intensive 4 days of learning all the Zebz sets on Bass guitar!!

Read it in the news...

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Helen Ray stepping up for a spot of Rudi on guitar..

Bass to gig in 4 days!!

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Winner of the Zeb Rootz Guitar Competition.. Keiran Johnson

Steve is leaving the band!

After a very successful session playing for Original Rude Boy Neville Staple (The Specials) in Luton recently Steve was approached by band leader Warren and Neville at the end of the night and asked to join the band as lead guitarist!

Founder member of Zeb Rootz Steve says... 

"I wasn't expecting that, i had been bogged down for 2 weeks prior to the gig with 'manflu' and had to learn Nevilles set in a week!! So i had a fantastic time with the band and was pretty chuffed to have done a fair job really. After the gig i wandered off to have a smoke and gather my thoughts but was followed up to the balcony by Nev & Wazz and the question of what i have planned for 2015 came up, at that point i knew i was being asked to join the band. I agreed to start with them in 2015, but things moved very quickly and now i will be joining them in December.

Of course this means i will have to leave Zeb Rootz which for me is not the easiest decision i have had to make and i will miss it for sure. I'm going to keep the band running in the roll of manager and will play my final gig on New Years Eve. My dep on Guitar, Helen Ray will be joining the band and stepping into my 'massive shoes' as she puts it and I don't doubt that Helen will be a superb choice for the band as she already has 5 gigs under her belt depping for Terry on bass!

I will play the odd gig with Zebz whenever i get the chance as i do love my reggae ;) and over the past 3 years Zeb Rootz has really established itself as a top notch reggae band and long may it continue".




Helen's Debut gig on Guitar...

Return of Danny Hurren on keys...